7 Spiritual Gifts Only Profile

Spiritual Gifts are supernatural motivations given to every believer. Everyone doesn't receive the same gift. Just as many parts of the human body work together as one, so Spiritual Gifts are given to the Body of Christ to serve as one.

Their purpose is to encourage and mature Christians for more effective ministry. The Spiritual Gifts Profile focuses on a specific number of spiritual gifts. These gifts are featured based upon their functional and practical use.

The descriptions are simple overviews of the Spiritual Gifts listed in the Bible. Reviewing the results of your Spiritual Gifts Profile to identify your specific spiritual motivations can help you grow as a Christian.

The profile includes the questionnaire, descriptions, as well as Diagnosis Ministry, Involvement/Spiritual Gifts Perspective, Fitly Joined Together, Spiritual Gifts and Conflicts, Biblical Resolution Management, Joy and Giftedness, Opportunities for Ministry, Biographical Information and Action Plan. 

Church Health Diagnostic Survey Members Guide

Evaluate the spiritual health of your church by assessing 13 vital habits:

  • Church Membership
  • Community Service
  • Giving
  • Lifestyle
  • Ministry Involvement
  • Missions
  • Personal Bible Study
  • Personal Devotions
  • Evangelism & Discipleship
  • Prayer Life
  • Small Group Bible Study
  • Worldview
  • Worship at Church

Discover Your Giftedness Small Group Study Guide Profile

Discover Your Giftedness Small Group Study Guide with 4 in 1 Spiritual Gifts Lists and 4 DISC Personality Types 

Focusing on all 23 Spiritual Gifts and 4 DISC Personality Types

Featuring all:

  • 7, 9, 16 & 23 Spiritual Gifts lists
  • Identifying Your Spiritual Gifts, 4 DISC Personality Type & Passions
  • Biblical Examples & Practical Application
  • Discovering Your Behavioral Blends
  • Combining Natural & Supernatural Motivations
  • Where Does Your Giftedness Fit Best
  • Avoiding and Resolving Conflicts
  • Biblical Resolution Management
  • Call For Commitment
  • Opportunities For Ministry Survey