Church Health Diagnostic Survey Members Guide

Evaluate the spiritual health of your church by assessing 13 vital habits:

  • Church Membership
  • Community Service
  • Giving
  • Lifestyle
  • Ministry Involvement
  • Missions
  • Personal Bible Study
  • Personal Devotions
  • Evangelism & Discipleship
  • Prayer Life
  • Small Group Bible Study
  • Worldview
  • Worship at Church

Church Planters Personality Profile

This Church Planters Profile identifies an individual’s personality type, plus teaches how our natural God-designed motivations influence our actions and drives. Once we understand why we do what we do, Church Planters will then become more effective. It“s just like a mechanic fixing a car, without a manual or the skills to diagnose the problem and ability to fix it, the Church Planters Profile is a MUST for everyone starting a new church.

Church Planting is so much more than picking a date to start, location, and telling people you are starting a new church. Most new churches fail within the first year of starting. All the dedication and well-intentions are not as important as God“s blessings, plus hard work.