Recommendation Letters

Maria Pilos, Facilitator/Coach

“I recently took Dr. Mels’ Uniquely You DISC Professional Personality Profile and was amazed by the Profile results – they were astonishingly accurate! I have previously taken another company’s DISC Profile and the results did not fully describe me.  However, Dr. Mels’ questions seemed more in-depth and apparently provided better understanding, giving my report applicable results.  As a professional facilitator, I recommend Uniquely You for a meaningful assessment of your strengths, uniquenesses and motivations!”

  • Maria Pilos
  • Facilitator / Coach

Former President, North American Mission Board

As I look across the landscape of North American churches, I see good Christian men and women wanting to be used by God. Most of them are frustrated because they have no idea how their personalities mix with their God-given gifts. If you are one of these people, Discover Your Giftedness will transform your life.

An expert in behavioral sciences, Dr. Mels Carbonell translates the DISC personality assessment in an understandable and useful form. He masterfully explains the links between our unique personalities and spiritual gifts, even showing possible challenges.

Pastors and laypersons will benefit from this strategic analysis of God¹s design for His people. If followed, Dr. Carbonell's book will help the church to truly be a well-functioning light to the world.

Discover Your Giftedness is the most comprehensive book focusing on giftedness that Dr. Carbonell has published. Regardless of whether you prefer the 7, 9, 16 or 23 Spiritual Gifts lists, you will appreciate how this first-of-its-kind resource combines any of 23 Spiritual Gifts with the 4 DISC personality types.

This book is perfect for improving your church's assimilation, networking or involvement ministries. 

  • Bob Reccord
  • Former President
  • North American Mission Board
  • SBC

A.R. Bernard

Dear Dr. Carbonell:

I send you my heartfelt thanks for participating in Christian Cultural Center's 2007 Staff Retreat. You helped to make it our best retreat. Your delightful presentation regarding gifts and personalities is a priceles contribution to our ministry.

Through your Uniquely You Ministry Profile, we all learned so much more about ourselves as individuals an how we fit together in the body of Christ. You have inspired us to a deeper level of maturity and commitment in the use of our God given gifts. CCC will be a much more effective ministry to God and the people we serve because of the seeds you have deposited into our spirits. I give our Lord thanks for you.

I wish there had been more time on the schedule to listen to you. Hopefully, you will be able to visit us again.

  • Pastor A.R. Bernard
  • Pastor
  • Christian Cultural Center
  • Brooklyn NY

Pastor Al Ebanks

Dr. Mels truly ministered the grace of God and a deeper understanding of our individual "uniqueness" and the importance of that uniqueness as a gift of God to me, the people I live, work and worship with. Uniquely You training is a "DO NOT MISS" opportunity for all.

  • Pastor Al Ebanks
  • Agape Family Worship Centre
  • Cayman Islands

Jill Cloud

Just a note of encouragement to share with you the many lives that have been touched as a result of the Uniquely You profiles. I received my certification from you in September of 2003. You also came to my church the same year. I personally led two separate youth sessions, girls only, this year, thereby exposing 700 urban youth, ages 12 to 19 to the DISC personality profile. Some returned to say thanks for the relief and release from the pressure to be someone other than themselves. Seeing the good in themselves, that was often criticized by others who do not understand the beauty of "divine design" from the human behavioral science, has helped hem "brush off" the negativity and keep their course.

Also, another 200 adults completed a five week course we created entitled "True Identity" using the personality and spirtual gifts profile. The adults did not want the course to end. However, we ended with a session on conflict Resolution, helping them towards practical use for the personality profile. I believe that these profiles have made way for a brighter tomorrow for many.

Thanks a bunch!

  • Jill Cloud
  • Nov. 29, 2005

Personal Development Coach

Today's class was like a breath of fresh air! Not only did you cover the material well, you poured yourself into our lives by sharing personal anecdotes. I look forward to attending one of your "in person" seminars.

  • Maggie C. Sabatier-Smith
  • Personal Development Coach
  • Lakeland, FL Nov. 29, 2005

MESCA Freight Cooperative

Just a quick note to express my sincerest thanks for the seminar you conducted “Uniquely You” to us this week.

The seminar accomplished more than I would have ever thought. Helping us understand and adapt to different personalities to those we serve and work with. Understanding and identifying unique personality types can only help us grow, both, in our personal and our lives at work.

I shall be in contact in the near future to have you back for more staff development.

  • George Wilmot
  • CEO
  • MESCA Freight Cooperative

Seminar Member

Just a quick note to express my sincerest thanks for helping us with our board retreat. The Team Building and Leadership Development Seminar you conducted was just what we needed. We've had rave reviews. What a great way to start the year!!

I just finished reading a Chamber newsletter this week with an article about the "disappearing" Chamber board. The trend is for less involvement -- not more. I know that won't be the case here -- thanks to yesterday.

Again many thanks,

  • Jan


I want to tell you what a blessing and inspiration you were at our "Giftedness" Seminar last Saturday. We have already received glowing reports from our churches regarding the value of the Seminar. With the 163 people attending - representing 27 of our area churches - there is a heightened awareness of using their gifts in the Church. The Seminar accomplished the goal of pinpointing specific gifts that people heretofore were not aware of and now want to use integrating their personalities with those gifts. Certainly the full impact of this Seminar has not had time to be realized, but I do believe that we will be seeing a commitment level that has been so lacking - hence, there is bound to be church growth through the salvation of souls and the edification of the body of Christ. With the excitement that was generated by the Seminar, the people are beginning to grasp the truth of Eph. 2:10, "For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." Perhaps in the light of our Seminar we should add. "in our own Unique Way."

So, a heart-felt thanks for exercising your gifts in presenting this Seminar to our people. Your expertise as a presenter combined with your dedication to the Lord's vineyard has come through loud and clear. I know I speak for those who attended both the general Seminar and the Certification Training when I say we are grateful for your labor in the Lord.

In Christ,

  • Dick Woehr
  • Inter-Church Ministries
  • 1012 Carmel Road North
  • Hampden, ME 0444-3207

Cherry Hills Community Church


Hi my name is Scott Grabendike and I am the Student Ministry Pastor at Cherry Hills Community Church. I attended your workshop in Colorado Springs earlier this year (I don't know if you remember me). Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that we are getting a lot out of the Uniquely You material. Our student ministry team is planning on taking some of our High School Students through the survey to find where they can best be used in ministering to their peers. We are excited to see what God does in and through their lives as a result of this exercise. Thanks again.

  • Scott Grabendike
  • Student Ministry Pastor
  • Cherry Hills Community Church
  • Highlands Ranch, CO 80126
  • (303) 325-8269

Steve Calvert

Hi Mels,

I always enjoy visiting with you and today was no exception. I appreciate you for how you are helping individuals and churches to discover and grow. Thank you for your input on my training for the Coppell School district in the morning. I am really looking forward to it. I am hoping it will open many other doors for spreading the Uniquely You message. Many who live in Coppell are business owners or are individuals in key strategic positions within their companies.

Bill Minchin, Grace Fellowship, Latham, NY

We conducted our first class on Oct. 6, 2002 and it was a huge hit. The material was received with passion and enthusiasm. Thanks for the difference you are making in the kingdom.

Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

The Discover Your Giftedness Seminar is instrumental in maximizing the effectiveness of both your church staff and laity. Understanding your giftedness and spiritual gift(s) is essential for success in your ministry, place of work and relationships and this seminar gives clear, biblical instruction that helps accomplish just that! Every believer will benefit from this seminar!

  • Dr. Martin E. Hawkins
  • Assistant Pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship


Cross Roads Community Church

The votes are in, ballots counted and the results show that Crossroads first Leadership Summit was a smashing success! Mels, I can't thank you enough for accepting our invitation to speak this past Saturday. Read more:

Community Bible Church San Antonio, TX, Robert C. Emmitt, Senior Pastor

Thanks again for the fantastic job you did at the Uniquely You Seminar. As you might guess everyone is talking about what they are and are not, and how we can work together. You blessed us greatly, thanks!

Heather Esposito

Upon my return home from the advanced certification training in Virginia Beach I changed hats from student to "Easter bunny" to help my friend who is a photographer. Thursday and Friday mornings I woke up early, headed to some local preschools and put on a "bunny" costume. Read more:

Liberty University

Thank you for your humble willingness to speak to Liberty's student body. I am so delighted at how well the service turned out. We have received much positive feedback, with many students even commenting that you are the best speaker yet this semester.

The Career Center so appreciates your time and effort as well as the sacrifice that you made to attend. We are honored that you desire to impart the wisdom you have gained from your life experiences to our students. We pray that the words you spoke will make an eternal difference in each student's life. Let me know when you would like to come back to Liberty to host a seminar.

  • Sharon J. Minard,
  • Career Center Director
  • Liberty University

Sarah Phillips, Columbia University Teachers College

I thoroughly enjoyed being with you and Stan. I appreciated your humble and fun personalities. This impresses me when exhibited by such well-known men as you. It was a joy to be your host. I am passing along this complimentary email to you so as to share the wealth. Thank you. (Fred is the Vice President of Finance and Administration at TC, Don is my boss.)

To/From: Don/Fred:
Just to let you know that the course Sarah set up today regarding behavior and leadership was just excellent and very interesting. The instructor was tops. Maybe could be considered for focused retreats. It went from 9:30 to 1:00 in a flash and without lunch even!. And the old dog did pick up a few tricks anyhow. Thanks to all.

  • Vince

Hawaii Testimony

Hope you're in good health and enjoying the many blessings our good Lord bestows to us.

I attended a Uniquely You seminar that you held on the island of Oahu, Hawaii at Leeward Community Church. Since then, every day, I seem to naturally use the knowledge gained at this seminar in dealing with people and myself. I believe this is a great tool to help people to grow relationships the right way, and to avoid or dissolve tense situations that could lead to a huge amount of personal strife and pain. Read more:

Gentiva Health Services

Our office has been recognized in the past year by our company, Gentiva Health Services, for our outstanding accomplishments. Even though we are getting the results, we have been struggling with "getting along" with each other.

We wanted a better environment and UNIQUELY YOU offered the kind of training that was exactly needed!

Susie Snow

Saturday night I went to a community church and there were 21 women from their women's ministry who went through the 23 gifts/personality profile. What an enthusiastic group! Also, last night, Sunday, I worked 15 of our own adults through the same material as part of our 301 class. It is wonderful to see so many "lights-go-on" as their faces are thrilled with the discoveries within the material. Your statement about moving 301(ministry) up to the front of the diamond is something we will be discussing with our team; I believe you are correct about that concept.

Sharla Bickley, Director of Christian Service and Membership, Highland Park Presbyterian Church

Mels, his staff, and the printer did a great job helping us create a customized version of the Uniquely You profile. The process was professional, timely and fun. The ability to combine the different tools Mels has created enhances our Church's mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ. This tool is a tremendous asset to our new member process, and making a huge impact on the lives of those in our community that are committed to serving our Lord.

  • Sharla Bickley
  • Director of Christian Service and Membe