Professional Personality Profile Facilitator's Manual PDF


This facilitator's manual is to help guide the Facilitator in conducting a seminar, staff training, for business and staff development and also as an outreach tool. 


  • DISC Questionnaire (Interpretation)
  • Stress Management Insights - How DISC types deal with stress
  • Leadership Insights (Leader and Follower Styles)
  • Job / Profile Indicator - Contrast employee to job descriptions
  • Job Intensity Insights - How DISC types relate to their jobs
  • Interviewing Insights - Specific questions to ask DISC types
  • Team Building Reflections - Identify 2-5 staff on same graphs)
  • Team Dynamics - How to build more effective teams
  • Intensity Insights - How specific DISC types work together
  • Action Plan - Personal plan to improve effectiveness
  • Selling Styles & Buying Styles - How DISC types sell and buy
  • Servicing Styles - How to service DISC customers
  • Dealing With Objections - How to close the sale
  • First Signs - How to read body language