Professional Leadership - Online Profile Expanded Version + How to Solve The People E-book

The Uniquely You - Professionals Online Expanded Version Profile is a cutting-edge online tool that details for your personalized professional personality temperaments. It's as easy as taking a survey which asks you a series of quick questions. Receive your report immediately online after completing the questionnaires. The UY - Professionals Profile analyzes your comments and generates a personalized report that reveals your primary DISC temperament. type, plus provides you with tremendous insights to help you become a more effective businessperson and leader.

The Expanded Version of this profile gives you more pages of insights on your Personality type or blend, and the two graphs, "This is me" and "This is what is expected of me" not offered in the summarized version.


  • Historical Background Interpretation of Four Temperaments
  • Understanding The Two Graphs
  • How To Read Graphs including in-depth insights on the two graphs
  • Discovering Behavioral Blends Controlling Behavioral Blends
  • Practical Application Stress Management
  • Are you a Transactional or Transformational Leader?
  • Leadership Insights DISC Learning Styles
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming
  • Presenting Insights
  • Leadership Reflections
  • Leadership Intensity Factors
  • Challenging Differences
  • How to Handle Conflicts
  • Intensity Insights
  • Resolution Management Promise
  • Job/Profile Indicator
  • Job Intensity Factors
  • Interview Questions / Personal Insights
  • Team Building Reflections
  • Team Dynamics Action Plan
  • Sales Insights-Selling Styles / Buying Styles
  • Servicing Styles
  • Vision Casting
  • Dealing With Objections
  • First Signs / Non-verbal Communication
  • Recruiting
  • Memory Jogger / Recruiting Prospects.
  • Insights For Business Builders
  • Insights For Leaders of Business Builders
  • How DISC Personality Types GET Their Money
  • How DISC Personality Types GUARD Their Money
  • How DISC Personality Types GIVE Their Money
  • Improving Time Management
  • Balancing Your Time Challenges
  • To Your Health
  • E-book

Life would be great if it wasn’t for people! It would also be very dull. It’s our people problems that make life challenging, but sometimes troubling. Most of our problems at work stem from personality clashes. Even among good friends and relatives, most of our hurts come from personality conflicts. Understanding personality patterns is one of the keys to improving your relationships and solving the people puzzle!

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