Personalizing My Faith
Spiritual Maturity Profile

Help members to identify and improve their spiritual habits and disciplines toward victorious Christian living. Also use this profile with your program as a powerful resource proven to keep people going around the bases!

True discipleship requires members to become spiritually mature. Biblical obedience results in members sharing in the responsibility of serving in their church because they WANT to and not because they HAVE to. Volunteering to serve is the natural and supernatural by-product of Christians who have discovered meaning, purpose, membership, ministry and spiritual maturity. Every member should continue "personalizing" their faith to discover spiritual maturity. Focusing on 13 specific habits, the Spiritual Maturity Class is designed to help members assess their obedience to the Lord. Their daily activity and regular routine are good indicators of the things that are most important to them.

Your members' habits will determine their spiritual growth. Members do the things that are most important to them. They find time and develop the habits that show where their hearts are.

Maturing Christians will develop the biblical habits that affect their Church Membership, Community Service, Giving, Lifestyle, Ministry Involvement, Missions, Personal Bible Study, Personal Devotions, Personal Evangelism, Prayer Life, Small Group Bible Study, Worldview, and Worship at Church. Assessing these habits will cause members to evaluate where they need to improve.

The Member's Guide / Profile features the Spiritual Life Survey, a short and simple personal assessment to encourage members to be more balanced as they seek spiritual maturity and growth. Once members identify their strengths and weaknesses, attention can be focused on the specific habits that may need more attention.

Members unfortunately feel satisfied when they excel in certain areas, even though they may really lack in other areas. The Spiritual Life Survey assists members to graph all 13 habits to learn how to develop a more balanced and stronger spiritual life. Members will also receive practical application on how to improve in all the areas as they prepare to begin Ministry Leadership.

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