Personalizing My Faith Profiles
Includes all 6 PMF Profiles
with the Combining 23SGs + 4 DISC Profile

Review Pack includes: 

1 Profile from each course, including 1 Membership and Ministry 23 Spiritual Gifts Lists and 4 DISC Personality Types 
Personalizing My Faith Discipleship Plan 

Use these resources as part your program, or you may want to use any of the Personalizing My Faith Discipleship Plan series resources to improve specific teaching needs in your church. For example, you may have a need for your members to magnify God through more practical every day challenges such as, the use of their time, talents, treasure and temple. This would be a perfect course for this training. 

Or you may have a specific need for your members to learn how to evangelize and disciple others by having a "My Missionality" plan. Our My Missionality course is designed to improve your members effectiveness in fulfilling the Great Commission. 

Or you may want to develop a result-oriented Leadership training course. Our Ministry Leadership resources are designed to help you train members into becoming leaders. The Leadership Reflections 360 Feedback Survey is a very effective tool to help leaders improve their skills. 

Each part of the Personalizing My Faith Discipleship Plan can stand alone and be used as a separate course or can be used as a complete and comprehensive step-by-step highly effective Discipleship Plan. 


  • Assimilation
  • Networking Classes
  • Sunday School
  • Small Group Study
  • Discipleship Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Youth Group
  • Women's and Men's Groups

This Personalizing My Faith Discipleship Plan Review Pack includes one each from each course listed below:

  • Meaning & Purpose 
  • Membership and Ministry Combining 23 Spiritual Gifts and 4 DISC Personality Types 
  • Spiritual Maturity 
  • Ministry Leadership 
  • My Missionality 
  • ​Magnifying God

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