Personality Profile or Test?

One way to determine if a consultant, trainer, or teacher has been properly taught Human Behavior Science is if he or she refers to the assessment as a 'test.' Since there are no wrong answers, there are only honest or dishonest answers, no one fails the process.

Referring to the questionnaire as a 'test' can be very scary for most people. Tests are threatening. Even the words, assessment and profile can be a little challenging. It is best to refer to the "profile' as a 'Member¹s Guide' or booklet. Most people use the title 'profile' without much thought of it being a 'test.' The word 'profiling' has become more popular today due to the terrorists, but is in no way connected to personality profiling.

Actually profiling can be very helpful when it comes to criminals. The problem with profiling is when the racial factor is abused and misused. The color of ones skin should never be used to profile anyone as a threat. If a person, regardless of their race, acts suspicious and says strange things that may affect your safety, that person should be questioned and examined. Criminals and terrorists can have all sorts of personality types, so it doesn¹t matter what their personality profile is. What matters is their criminal or terrorist profile.

Profiling children in school can be very practical and helpful. Identifying students' personality and motivational styles can help teachers understand and lead individuals more effectively. Having personality insights and identifying students¹ learning styles, plus having educators understand their own teaching styles can be extremely helpful.

All students should have their DISC Personality Type profile in their school files. That way teachers and administrators can better assess how to lead and teach those children. Teachers should also identify their DISC Personality Type to improve their Classroom Climate, plus discipline and motivate students according to their personalities.

Personality profiling can be a sensitive subject if you don¹t explain its importance and function. The most important advice is to NEVER use the term 'personality test.' That definitely gives people the impression that some personalities are better than others.