How To Solve The People Puzzle
Paperback Book

Personal Insights Only Your Best Friend Would Tell You!

Have you ever wondered, "why did they do that?" Dr. Mels Carbonell's book, "How To Solve The People Puzzle" is a must for everyone who wants to understand why people do what they do.

This book will help you with personal development, more effective leadership, improved relationships, and many in-depth insights about you and others.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1:The Four DISC Personality Types
  • Chapter 2: Your Personality - Graph 1 "This is expected of me!" Perspective
  • Chapter 3: Your Personality - Graph 2 "This is me!" Perspective
  • Chapter 4: When Both Graphs Are Generally The Same or Different
  • Chapter 5: High Type on Graph 1 and Low Type on Graph 2
  • Chapter 6: Low Type on Graph 1 and High Type on Graph 2
  • Chapter 7: How To Handle Problems From A Personality Perspective
  • Chapter 8: Case Studies and Examples
  • Chapter 9: Final Word

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