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Hiring new employees is often the most serious responsibility of your business or organization. The interview process is also very important to the employer and prospective employee. It can be one of your best or worst tasks depending on the ultimate outcome.

Employment should be more than just a job! It should be a commitment between two entities - a company or organization and a person. Since it involves human beings there is always the challenge of avoiding the potential "people-problems!" Employers should learn more about Human Behavior Science and how to improve their recruiting and interviewing skills. Possible employees should also learn more about why they and others do what they do by identifying and understanding personality types. Receive your report immediately online after


  • Historical Background
  • Interpretation of Four Temperaments
  • How To Read Graphs
  • Understanding The Two Graphs
  • Discovering Behavioral Blends
  • Controlling Behavioral Blends
  • Practical Application
  • Job / Profile Indicator
  • Job / Intensity Factors
  • Personal Insights / Interview Questions
  • Recruiting / Prospecting
  • Combined Graphs
  • Team Building
  • Team Dynamics
  • Intensity Insights
  • Resolution Management Commitment

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