Child's Personality Online Profile

Summarized Version
(Approx. 35 printed page report.)

Child Personality Online Profile Summarized (Faith Based)

This profile is designed for a parent or teacher of an elementary age child to complete in the convenience of your home or classroom. The computer will score and graph the results instantly for you to review and learn more about the child's and / or student's personality type. You may also want to complete the questionnaire on yourself to learn more about "What makes you tick and what ticks you off!" Each profile identifies the person's DISC 4 Personality Types. Receive your report immediately online after completing the questionnaires.


  • Introduction
  • Historical Background
  • How To Read Graphs
  • Understanding The Two Graphs
  • Interpretation of Four Temperaments
  • Discovering Behavioral Blends
  • Controlling Your Behavioral Blends
  • Practical Application
  • Combining Graphs
  • Parenting Styles
  • Parenting Challenges
  • Step-Parenting Challenges
  • Child / Parent Reflections
  • Challenging Differences
  • Intensity Insights
  • Leadership Insights
  • DISC Learning Styles
  • Handling Pressure and Stress
  • Discipling / Motivating Children
  • Parent’s Action Plan
  • Help Your Child Learn How To Control and Conquer Feelings


*Note: This is not a paper profile but an assessment to take online.

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