ONE Wellness Boutique, Inc.

931 Monroe Dr., NE, Ste A 102-450

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ONE Wellness Boutique, Inc.

“ONE Wellness Boutique, Inc.” has a mission to provide wellness services to bring into fruition the mind, body, & spirit as a way of living in order.  We offer several different Expressive Arts Therapy modules to assist in this process; such as, art therapy, animal therapy, drama therapy, movement therapy, sound therapy, and writing therapy.  Each modality includes a psychoanalysis of the individual in which the services are being rendered.

At “ONE Wellness Boutique, Inc.” we believe that nothing happens by chance.  That everything we seek in life is possible . . . if only you believe.  We are committed to helping you reach your individual and/or work goals. 

If you or your group would like to participate in a session, you can schedule it directly on our site:

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931 Monroe Dr., NE, Ste A 102-450, Atlanta, GA

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