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I strive to serve my team, customer partners, peers, and ministry/volunteer opportunities to help them unleash their true potential.

As an ICF ACC, along with my CPLC through PCCI, I am honored to coach the opportunity to fully realize and deploy our God gifted talents, as I continue to pursue my life mission.  There truly is great joy seeing those I am privileged to coach soar like eagles.

The depth of my experience comes from 10 years of Christian coaching complemented by nealry 40 years of faithful engagement in minsitry as a volunteer from small group facilitor to Chairman of the Deacon Board.  My professional backgroud includes consumer marketing from M&M/Mars, banking, consulting in multiple industries, and helping build a nearly $100 million privately held company.  My educatuion includes a solid foundation from St. Xavier and U of L in Louisville, Kentucky, with a degree with highest honors in Marketing with emphasis Finance (1980).

I am blessed to have a beautiful wife, two beautiful, creative, independent, daughters, two great son-in-laws, four awesome grandchildren and two bonus children along with thier spouses. 

Strategic Alliances, identification, creation, and development
Coaching for business, personal, non-profit and ministry leaders
Executive Coaching & Development
Change/Turnaround Management
Gift Discovery & Deployment
Small Business Consulting
Applied Strategic Business Planning
Strategic Marketing, Proprietary Model
Sales and Sales Planning
Creative Leadership
Personal Develoment and Coaching
Finance and Forecasting
Due Diligence for Acquisitions and Mergers
Human Patterns Team Formation, Development, and Deployment
Vendor partner development, negotiations and ongoing management

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