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Professional, caring, transformational coaching for women who want to bravely and boldly live life with purpose and joy, leading from their values and strengths.

Want to break free from "people pleasing", low-confidence, weak boundaries, and the daily, discouraging grind of simply moving through the motions from one day to the next?  Are you facing an unknown or in a life transition?  At Rooted Life, we believe in you and your creativity, resilience, God-given strengths and unique qualities. Coaching provides the partnership for a smoother, faster, more effective, and simply more enjoyable growth experience.

Rooted Life coaching offers you a safe, warm, judgment-free and even fun space to:

  •   discover and  deeply understand who you really are (removing false beliefs, obstacles, and familiar fears),
  •   uncover what you really want in your personal and professional life (knowing that we can't separate the two), 
  •   strategize and create a plan with the tools you need (including accountability, encouragement, and a steady partnership),
  •   be real, work hard, be encouraged, and gain freedom.

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