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Welcome to Jane Hundley's Coaching page for your DISC Personality Assessment!  


Welcome to Impact Management Inc.

I help leaders, coaches, managers, and directors of organizations maximize their own and their teams' leadership talents through the development of more self-awareness,  and more mindful work, communication, performance and life skills. We help you gain skills in managing your personal impact and influence on everyone around you at work and at home. Groups can be a team or a collection of individuals. The more your upgrade your group into a team that works well together, the more each individual and collective will soar to new heights of accomplishment. During a  career change or life transition your level of confidence in navigating your future will need assistance from a coach. Also, over the course of life and career, everyone experiences various people-related issues especially in complex home and business environments.  Knowing yourself, honing in on your true identity, understanding who you really are and what makes you tick, help tremendously in learning more how to be your best self all the time.  For leaders of teams, and coaches of players in sports, understanding the unique nature of individuals can bring out greater confidence and performance.   

I'm looking forward to meeting you and talking about your progress and ways to make more of it!

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Bellevue, Washington

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