Personalizing My Faith - Membership and Ministry Facilitator's Manual PDF


Personalizing My Faith - Membership and Ministry Facilitator's Manual PDF


Teach all those who attend your church the importance of membership and ministry with the Membership and Ministry - Personalizing My Faith. Don't wait till 301 class to teach them about getting involved in the ministries of your church. They are more excited about getting involved when they first join than they will be later. Encourage all your members to find where they fit best in your church and teach them how to avoid and resolve conflicts once they get involved in order to keep them involved. Also, strengthen your program in order to keep it moving forward through these resources.


  • Jump-start dragging Assimilation / Networking Program
  • Discipleship Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Sunday School
  • Church Training
  • Home Bible or Small Group Study
  • Mid-Week Training


  • Discovering Your Giftedness Is Biblical
  • Spiritual Gifts Profile Questionnaire
  • Understanding Supernatural Motivations
  • Discovering Your Natural Giftedness
  • Uniquely You DISC Questionnaire
  • Understanding Your Natural Motivations
  • Biblical Examples
  • Your Behavioral Blends
  • Combining Spiritual Gifts & Personalities
  • Where Does Your Giftedness Fit Best
  • Involvement / Spiritual Gifts Perspective
  • Involvement / Personality Perspective
  • Using Your Giftedness To Serve The Lord
  • Fitly Joined Together
  • Choose You This Day
  • Joy & Giftedness
  • Opportunities For Ministry
  • Avoiding and Resolving Conflicts
  • Leadership Styles
  • How To Handle Conflicts
  • Biblical Resolution Management
  • Call For Commitment
  • Transparency Masters and Teaching Aids

Also contains:

  • What do you think? Discussion Generators
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Search the Scriptures references
  • Lesson Preparation
  • Lesson Aim
  • Suggested Memory Verses
  • 3 Hour Teaching Format Guide
  • 6 Hour Teaching Format Guide
  • 3 - 6 Weeks Teaching Format Guide
  • Facilitator's Notes Instructions