How To Solve The People Puzzle (Soft-Bound)

Personal Insights Only Your Best Friend Would Tell You!

Have you ever wondered, "why did they do that?" Dr. Mels Carbonell's book, "How To Solve The People Puzzle" is a must for everyone who wants to understand why people do what they do.

This book will help you with personal development, more effective leadership, improved relationships, and many in-depth insights about you and others.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1:The Four DISC Personality Types
  • Chapter 2: Your Personality - Graph 1 "This is expected of me!" Perspective
  • Chapter 3: Your Personality - Graph 2 "This is me!" Perspective
  • Chapter 4: When Both Graphs Are Generally The Same or Different
  • Chapter 5: High Type on Graph 1 and Low Type on Graph 2
  • Chapter 6: Low Type on Graph 1 and High Type on Graph 2
  • Chapter 7: How To Handle Problems From A Personality Perspective
  • Chapter 8: Case Studies and Examples
  • Chapter 9: Final Word

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