Educators Personality Profile

Education is one of, if not "the most important job in the world!" Discovering every student's giftedness is so important to good education. Every student and teacher is gifted with a unique personality that motivates them. Discovering their unique personality type is vital to their success. Understanding Human Behavior Science from a practical perspective can also improve their education and future.

Everyone is endowed with a unique "way" of feeling, thinking, and acting - your personality type. No one has a bad personality. It's what you do with your personalities that really matters. By understanding the way you are bent, you can discover why you and others do what they do.

The challenge is relating to everyone differently - discerning how other people feel, think and act according to their personalities. You will then benefit greatly when reducing conflicts caused by personality clashes.


Page 1 - Table of Contents & Introduction
Page 3 - Uniquely You Questionnaire
Page 4 - Scoring Instructions
Page 5 - Markings Sheet
Page 6 - Plotting Your Graphs
Page 7 - Interpretation of Four Temperaments
Page 8 - Discovering Behavioral Blends
Page 10 - Challenging Differences
Page 11 - How To Handle Conflicts
Page 12 - Intensity Insights
Page 14 - Resolution Management Promise
Page 15 - Team Building
Page 18 - Leadership Styles
Page 19 - Are you a Transactional or Transformational Leader?
Page 20 - Practical Application / Stress Management
Page 21 - Classroom Climate
Page 22 - Student / Teacher Conflicts
Page 23 - Disciplining / Motivating Students
Page 24 - Classroom Intensity Insights
Page 26 - DISC Learning Styles
Page 27 - My Action Plan

Most problems at home and in the classroom are the results of misunderstandings - "people problems." By predicting behavior, you can avoid and resolve most conflicts. Recognizing individual motivations is obviously enlightening.

The Educators' Personality Profile contains a Uniquely You Questionnaire on pages 3 - 6. There are easy step-by-step instructions. It is not a test to pass or fail. Once educators learn more about the "Science of Motivation" and why they or their students do what they, teaching and leading students will improve.

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