9 Spiritual Gifts Only Starter Kit

Use this Starter Kit to lead through the 9 Spiritual Gifts Only Profile. Spiritual Gifts are supernatural motivations given to every believer. Everyone doesn't receive the same gift. Just as many parts of the human body work together as one, so Spiritual Gifts are given to the Body of Christ to serve as one.




  • Discovering Your Giftedness Is Biblical
  • Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire and Graph
  • Spiritual Gifts Descriptions
  • Understanding Supernatural Motivations
  • Where Does Your Giftedness Fit Best
  • Involvement From Spiritual Gifts Perspective
  • Fitly Joined Together For Ministry
  • Joy and Giftedness
  • Avoiding and Resolving Conflicts
  • Spiritual Gifts and Conflicts
  • Biblical Resolution Management
  • Call For Commitment
  • Opportunities For Ministry
  • Biographical Survey
  • Bird's Eye View Of Your Giftedness
  • Action Plan

Also included is a powerpoint, following the facilitator's manual, paragraph to paragraph, and (5) 9 Spiritual Gifts Profile


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50 - 99 - 10% off retail
100 - 199 - 20% off retail
200 or more - 30% off retail